LCD Refurbishing – A service to replace the glass of cracked phone screen left after repair, which allows to reuse Cracked Screens again saving a decent amount on the cost of The Screen and keeping the Quality Original, Mostly Used For iPhone, IPad and Samsung Mobile Phone and Tablet Screens.

You can send you screens to us and we will send back to you repaired – refurbished. To start – follow the steps bellow.

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[email protected]
+370 648 648 40

How to send LCD screens for Refurbishment


Take the photo of of the form and the Parcel


UAB Ismanioji laboratorija
Drobės g. 62-302, Kaunas, Lithuania LT-45181
Phone: +37064864840
E-mail: [email protected]

Alternatively, send to our pickup terminals:

DPD – A. Juozapavičiaus pr. 11, 45252 Kaunas

LpExpress – A. Juozapavičiaus pr. 11, 45252 Kaunas

Venipak – A. Juozapavičiaus pr. 11, 45252 Kaunas

How to pack the Parcel

Carefully wrap EACH OF THE SCREEN in a bubble wrap. Do not bend the flex cables.

Assemble broken LCD screens with elastics.

Place a layer of bubble wrap inside the box.

Carefully place LCD screens in the box.

Fill in the empty spaces.

Make sure that the box is completely fill.

Put inside the box your printed PDF form.

Print and place shipping label on top of the box!

Do not:


Terms and Conditions

By using our services you totally and without exclusions agree to our terms and conditions:
  1.  Screens suitable for refurbishing are in full working condition without any major or minor faults (e.g. pink screens – visible pink halo on the LCD – or small marks on the inner layers of the LCD which are beyond repair but do not affect the functions.

  2. After receiving the screens they are tested for faults, we start working only on the screens which pass the testing process. To pass the LCD and the touch screen must be working, not flickering. White spots, dead pixels, inkspots or pink or other colour spots on the LCD will also come back as failed to pass the testing process. Some LCDs have internal damage which is undetectable by any testing and they are un-refurbishable, therefore there’s a 10% margin of LCD’s which comes back as failed to process, and can be returned to the client on-demand in the state they are found to be failed. We do not charge for failed LCDs, just the postage if the client requires them to be posted, the failed screens which are not collected or asked to be posted back are disposed of after 30 days. 
    We do not guarantee that the screens returned will be the exact screens received as they are produced all the same to save production time and not delay the time of the process, you should make sure that you have the capability to reprogram any screens if required as they might be different, if any reprogramming is required please contact us before placing an order.
    We have a testing fee of 0.50 EUR per screen if over 20% of screens are not working because we will assume they were not tested by your company before we had received them.
    If you are sending the screens by post then you are expected to pay for the postage and packaging. We cover payments for P&P for the refurbished screens we are sending back to you.  The faulty screens will be returned on clients request, we do not cover the postage expenses for screens that were found faulty when received.
    We cannot be held responsible if the delivery does not reach us, so we recommend sending the packages using a signed-for service. Also, it is not our responsibility until the screens reach us.

  3. It is our responsibility to inform you if the screens will not be ready for the time you have been given.  The average time, depending on the quantity and queue will be between a few days to a week.

  4. The refurbished or bought LCD Screens will not be sent out or available to collect until full payment is received.
    Please note, that you should remove any LCD assembly parts if you require them, as we do not store, separate or return them, we may return a full assembly LCD if arranged beforehand and additional costs are covered by the client, but the parts may not or maybe the same ones which were attached to the screens sent in (for example – home button, backplate, camera) 
    Colour preference of the LCDs sent in for the refurbishment service must be given in percentage ( for example i5 – 20% white 80% black ) at the time of the order and written in the order documentation if the colour preference is not specified, we will assume that it is 50% and 50%, the percentage may vary on rare occasion depending on the quantity of the screens and parts in stock.

    Please keep in mind, that the final product is tested and has to pass a quality check just before the customer receives it, therefore there is little space for error at this point.
    5.1 If you’re reselling the product we advise you to check it before sending it out to your client and as well we recommend you to inform your clients of our return policy.
    5.2 If you are unsatisfied with the product it can be returned on these terms:
    The product must be unused and in the original packaging, it was received. The product can not be damaged by you or third party willingly or unwillingly, we only take responsibility for damage to the product during the manufacturing process.
    5.3 We take care handling our product and so should you, every precaution should be taken to ensure there will be no damage to the product while being delivered or moved from one place to another, we are happy to advise you on packaging and handling. We do not take any responsibility for damage to the product, which occurs on its travel time.
    When returning an item, the faults, if any must be marked and named. You can mark the faults with a marker on the protective packaging of the product, if not the received.
    5.4 After receiving the product back, our quality check team will test and check if the product wasn’t replaced or damaged and only then it can be replaced or refunded depending on the time and workload the process could take up to 3 weeks.
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